To You, Subtle

I am always fascinated by subtleties and in-betweens.

I’m talking about the nuanced shades of the sky when the sun is half-hidden. Oh, and the way the morning air is both bitingly cold and surprisingly warm on my skin. And how the waves seem to both whisper so close to my ears and sing from a distance with a deep rumble.

I love subtleties and in-betweens. I don’t know if it’s the void in the middle, or the uncertainties, that thrills me.

I love subtleties and in-betweens. I’m not sure what part of it I like, and it would be pointless to look for an exact answer, for then the magic of uncertainty will fade.

I love subtleties and in-betweens. Not just in colors or in sounds, or in feelings. But most of all, in people.

I love subtleties and in-betweens. The gray area. The delicate blend.

I love subtleties and in-betweens. Because I think they are the artistic part of the masterpiece that is the human.

Humans are taught to either be good or bad, kind or wicked… and I know that.

But I’m not talking about the basics;
I’m talking about the little pieces.
The tiny bits that separate one from the rest.

And how, when these subtleties and in-betweens show themselves like how a light from a firefly flicker and goes out and flicker again, my heart flutters in unison.

And in each flutter of a beat, I love them more.
The subtleties and in-betweens.
And the masterpiece that is him.

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