Love Letter


I can’t see a thing
beyond the obscurity
that is you.
Yet, your smile
sheds some light
as if calling me
to push through.

I’ll explore you:
walk on your unbeaten path
of nerves:
Figure out how it ticks;
Grasp the clockwork;
Listen to it
and hear the word
of each sound.

Then I’ll understand
Why some things could never happen
And why you said the things you said
And did the things you did

Why you’re unselfish and insensitive
Why you’re jolly and negative
Why you’re you

I might reach a stop
and ask:
“Why should I strive to know another
If I can’t even understand
myself?” I might take a rest
and heave a sigh:
“You’re a waste of time.” Yet, there’s
a persistent hope
that I might
a mountain of treasures
or a new world
buried in my
by digging deeper
into yours.

Maybe we can know
a little about each other
And maybe I’ll fall-
Fall for your thoughts
Your humor
Your antics
Your dreams
Fall for your mind
Fall for you
Would you allow it, though?
Would you?

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