Break Free

She celebrated love in quiet
And it was her loudest-
Her eyes spoke of daydreams
about sweet nothings and
late night conversations,
and her voice hinted
a secret yearning for
an unspoken name.

She suffered in silence
And it was her loudest-
Her distant stares
are tell-tales of a being not existing
in the now,
and her days of wordlessness
told volumes of pain
that her lips could not utter.

She triumphed over hurt without a word
And it was her loudest –
The resilience of her spirit shone
through the sparkle of her eyes and the radiance of her smile,
and the music in her voice
sounded no sad notes,
only relief
and rebirth.

She carries her survival
with pride;
It is her shield and her weapon-
Her full-gear armor.

Her survival, though,
is too thick
and too sharp
that love dies
before it can reach her

She vowed to
never again
tread lightly
on the twisted road
of heartbeats
and heartbreaks.

A sad promise
that she needed not make

For she didn’t know
that her unsung victories
created a song within her,
a hymn
that resonates
with those
who care.

She didn’t know
that her speechless stance
has brought to the world
a compelling rhythm:
her heart following the beat of
and sincerity.

And silently, we pray
that she will not lose hope;
that wielding her weapon
and raising her shield
will teach her to love more
and not less;
that she will find someone
who will not brutally shatter
her armor
But someone who will
inspire her to
break free of it

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