Fathers and Sons

Now look, since when did you think being good meant being happy?

Before January Ends

No, don’t wither,
sunshine, sunny sunflower;

Love Letter

I can’t see a thing
beyond the obscurity
that is you.

Arriving at Anonas Station

When was the last time you had fun riding a train?

Who To Love

I’ve realized that when it comes to love, the things that matter are those that you don’t force.

Defining A Man’s Life

“Listen to me. I will tell you the truth about a man’s life.”

Pamamaalam (With Reservations)

Ah, ang sabi ko:
Kapag tuluyang tumila, ako’y kikilos

Break Free

It is her shield and her weapon-
Her full-gear armor.

A Serious Case of D

She’d say she’s afraid of death.

To You, Subtle

I love subtleties and in-betweens. The gray area. The delicate blend.